A week in Józefów
that is
exploring Central Roztocze on a bike

The town of Józefów  has the population 2647 people and is the centre of the borough with the same name located in Biłgoraj county of Lublin province. The borough lies on the area of 124 km², 57% of which is covered by forests. The place is particularly attractive for tourists as it lies on the territory of  Roztocze National Park,  Forest Solska Natural Reserve and Krasnobród Natural Reserve. In Józefów itself there are two reservoirs, an angling bay and a recreational lake, as well as quarries, while on the borough territory 2 nature reserves,
5 cognitive paths, 8 tourist trails and 3 cycle routes can be found.
Józefów  is located:
  • 300 km from Warsaw and Cracow
  • 125 km from Lublin 40 km from Zamość
  • 30 km from Biłgoraj
  • 28 km from Tomaszów Lubelski
  • 15 km from Krasnobród, Susiec and Zwierzyniec

Due to its location, Józefów is an ideal place, from which we can begin exploring Central Roztocze. It lies at a similar distance from the most attractive places for tourists in Central Roztocze. Józefów is located about 15 km from Susiec, Krasnobród
and Zwierzyniec. For that reason a tourist settled in Józefów can choose different cycling routes without a need to follow the same one every day.
We suggest going sightseeing by bicycle of any type, from racing to mountainous.
The suggested cycling routes are based on " Józefów Area cycle route in Roztocze", "Roztocze central cycling route" and "Cycling route to Florianka". These routes are characterized by a low difficulty degree as the hills differ in height only slightly and, as far as the surface of the road is concerned, 75% of it is asphalt. However, it does not change the fact that everyone who sets off on any of the routes is sure to adore the beauty of the Roztocze landscapes.
Due to the reasons mentioned above, negotiating the routes is going to be a thrilling experience for whole families as well as for those riding on their own and looking for new challenges and impressions.
The goal of this brochure is to enable everyone who is keen on both cycling and exploring new places to get closer to the fascinating Roztocze nature and reaching its most interesting spots.
The implied vacation time is seven days. The length of the routes amounts to 288 km, out of which 222 km is covered with asphalt.
The Town Council in Józefów was considered to be the beginning of all the routes while measuring their length.
The routes are also recommended for skiers in winter as all of them go across natural reserves such as Forest Solska Natural Reserve, Krasnobród Natural Reserve and Roztocze National Park, on their outskirts and local roads which are far from main roads. The number of the days with the snow covering on the roads reaches 75.


 Józefów Area cycling route in Roztocze

 Roztocze central cycling route

 Cycling route to Florianka


Day 1: Following Zamoyski Ordination

Józefów - Tarnowola - Górecko Kościelne - Górecko Stare - Florianka - Zwierzyniec.
The way back goes through Florianka - Górecko Nowe - Górecko Stare - Brzeziny - Józefów. This route is 42 km long and includes 16.74 km of asphalt road and 25.45 km of concrete and dirt road (forest, field  and slaggy road )

Day 1: Following Zamoyski OrdinationWe set off heading for Biłgoraj on the main province road. Having covered 2.4 km we turn to the right to Panasówka and after 1.45 km we go to the left to Tarnowola. Another 1.15 km on the asphalt road through Tarnowola and we reach Józefów Area cycling route in Roztocze. We face 2.8 km of dirt road going through the forest and its edge; the first 150 m of the road are sandy.
We come out in front of the larch church built in 1767 in Górecko Kościelne. It is impossible not to stop and spend some time here due to the beauty of the area. Near the church runs the alley of monumental oaks, the oldest of which is 900 years old. At the end of the alley there is a gorgeous chapel on the water built in the 17th century.
After some moments of reflection we return to the route and start riding again. We go 1 km on the asphalt in the direction of Górecko Stare, and then we take the turning to the right on the hill and go 150 m in the forest in order to enjoy beautiful scenery around the small hydroelectric power station on the Szum river.
After returning to the place where we turned off the asphalt, we continue riding.
Having covered 2 km, we reach a crossroads and go straight on. After 200 m in Górecko Stare we turn left near the school and at this place the asphalt surface changes into 1 km of concrete and 1 km of dirt road.
After coming to the end of the village, we go into the forest near the gate and find ourselves on the territory of Roztocze National Park.  Having covered 300 meters through the forest, we come to the main forest trail. Then we turn left and follow a sandy path which after 300 meters turns into a slugged road leading through Florianka to Zwierzyniec.
REMEMBER - it is necessary to buy an admission card to cycle through Florianka. The cards are available at the shop in Górecko Stare which can be easily found after 200 m ride down the concrete road.
Florianka is a forest settlement famous for breeding of Polish horse (a kind of small horse). The place can be reached after cycling through the larch alley and negotiating some small hills. Besides Polish horse a lot of other things can be admired here such as:
  • Plenty of various trees and shrubs which are the relic of Zamoyski Ordination tree nursery. A dendrologycal  path measuring 3.2 hectares has been formed here to exhibit 65 sorts of trees including Florian oaks (32 m tall), birches, Californian firs, Siberian larches etc. ;
  • The forest house with an exhibition portraying life of people at the beginning of the 20th century (it also contains some information for tourists);
  • The landscape path going through the hills with a viewpoint.

Having returned on the route, we cover 3.4 km and reach the railway level crossing, after the next 1.9 km we come out on the asphalt road, go straight 670 m more and come to the Echo pond. To suit your taste, you can choose between admiring fantastic scenery and spending some time sunbathing.
On reaching Zwierzyniec, we recommend trying local beer and having lunch at the local bar called "Młyn" from which there is a wonderful view of the church on water build in Baroque style. Then we take the same route back. Having reached the intersection in Górecko Stare we turn left and cycle 7 km more to Józefów through Brzeziny and Tarnowola.

Day 2 "Away from civilization"

Józefów-Fryszarka-Borowe Młyny-Susiec-Nature reserve Szum upon Tanwia-Susiec-Oseredek-Hamernia-Józefów;
The length of the route is 54 km which includes 36 km of asphalt, 17 km of slaggy road and 1 km of sandy road.

Day 2 We have to get to Górnicza street and having passed100 m behind the school buildings we turn right and we are on Józefów Area cycling route in Roztocze.
Ahead of us there are 30 km of cycling through Landscape park of Solska forest which is going to be a real return to nature for most of people.
The beginning of the route is slightly sandy for about 1 km.  Attention - please, brake at the bottom of the hill because sand can be gathered there after rain.
The next 7 km is a slaggy road leading to the bridge over the Sopot river in Fryszarka. Next 10 km is the asphalt road to Borowe Młyny. 7 km after passing the bridge we turn right at the intersection.
We can have a little rest close by the bridge over the Tanew river in Borowe Młyny as it is a very picturesque place.
In order to keep on cycling we have to go 200m back and take the turning to the right after the forester's house on the slaggy forest road.
After 8 km of slaggy road, 1 km of asphalt and another 1.5 km of slaggy road we reach Susiec. After covering 500 m of asphalt we come to the crossroads with the main region road on which we turn to the right.
On going 2 km through Susiec we reach the intersection where the informing table says "Nature reserve on the Tanew" and shows us the correct direction.
Having reached  the "Nature reserve on the Tanew", we can rest for a while on the bank of the river Tanew which has over twenty small falls in this place. For those who would like to try their abilities in mountain biking we recommend 900 m ride to Huta  Różaniecka. You can start cycling right behind the car park at the reserve.
ATTENTION! - on the way back the speed can be about 70 km ph. We are returning to Józefów and there are 20 km ahead of us. We go to Susiec on the same road we came there and then, having passed Oseredek and Hamernia, we reach Józefów.

DAY 3 - "Roztocze Landscapes - part 1"

Józefów-Hamernia-Nowiny-Majdan Sopocki-Ciotusza Stara-Długi Kąt-Górniki-Szopowe-Józefów Roztoczański-Józefów;
The length of the route is 34 km, out of which 27 km of the road are covered with asphalt and 7 km are dirt road (forest and fields).

DAY 3 - Similarly to the previous day we start from Górnicza street and set off in the Susiec direction. Having covered 5.5 km on the crossroads in Hamernia, we go straight and find ourselves on the forest road. After 1.6 km trough the forest we cross the bridge on the Sopot river and 50 m after the bridge we turn to the left. We are in Nowiny, then, after doing 500 m on asphalt, we turn to the left onto the Józefów Area cycle route in Roztocze.
ATTENTION! - the path is narrow and slightly sandy at its beginning.
We go across two small bridges on the Sopot river and go another 1.5 km through the forest. We come out of the forest in Majdan Sopocki near the transformer. This is the place where we take the turning to the right and after 100 m of sandy road we are at the dam on the lake. A picturesque view of the whole lake is before our eyes. To continue riding we go back to the sandy road, turn right and after 700 m reach the intersection which leads to Ciotusza Stara. On going 3 km through this village we turn to the left in the direction of Józefów, go 5 km on the main road (ATTENTION! - heavy traffic) and in Długi Kąt we turn to Krasnobród. After covering 950 m of asphalt we turn left onto the dirt road in the forest which leads to the village of Górniki. Another 650m of field road and 200m uphill and we cycle on the asphalt road. On the hill the characteristic views of Roztocze can be admired.
We continue cycling straight on to Józefów for another 11km negotiating a difficult but short drive on the border between Górniki and Szopowe villages. After that we cycle 3 km downhill where the first 600 m are very steep (50km/h). Cycling in this manner through the village of Szopowe we reach the crossroads where we take the turning to the left. Having covered 2km more we come to another crossroads in Józefów Roztoczański where we turn left again and after 4km we reach Józefów.

DAY 4 - "Roztocze Landscapes - part 2"

Józefów-Stara Huta-Malewszczyzna-Hutki-Krasnobród-Wólka Husińska-Stanisławów-Wzgórze Kamień- Stanisławów-Długi Kąt-Józefów.
The length of the route is 45 km, out of which 37 km of the road are covered with asphalt and 8 km are dirt road (forest and field).

DAY 4 - We set off in Zwierzyniec direction. Having covered 7.3 km of asphalt road we turn right into the forest in direction of Lasowce village. We cycle 1.8km of the forest route along the boarder of Roztocze National Park. Having reached the road fork, we turn right and after 1 km we reach the Stara Huta village. After 600m of the field road we can cycle on the asphalt again.
There are three not very high hills ahead of us. When we reach them we can admire the beautiful panorama of Roztocze. After 4 km we are in Malewszczyzna village where we turn left and, having covered next 4 km, we turn right at the crossroads in Hutki village and find ourselves in Krasnobród Landscape Park. We cycle another 1.6 km and, having crossed the wooden bridge, we can stop at the parking place in the forest next to the pond. After a moment of relaxation we cycle 600 m to the crossroads where we turn right and, having covered another kilometer, we are in Krasnobród.
It's worth taking a short break on top of the hill where spreads a breathtaking view on Krasnobród. In Krasnobród we can have a meal and rest for a while on a shore of beautifully located lake.
After a short rest we set off cycling again. Having passed 3 km from the lake we start cycling up the hill for another 2 km to reach Wólka Husińska. When the top of the hill has been reached, we cycle 3.3 km and reach Stanisławów where we turn left at the crossroads into a field route. We cycle 400 m between the buildings and having passed them, we turn right and after 300m we turn left and cycle for another 500 m where we stop at the path leading  between young pine trees on one side of the path and old beech trees on the other. We cycle along this path 150 m up the hill.
We are on the "Kamień" hill which is the monument of inanimate nature where the largest complex of rocks in Roztocze can be found. This place is called „Piekiełko" (a little hell) by local people.
From the "Kamień" hill we return to the crossroads in Stanisławów where we turn left and cycle on the public route 3 km to Długi Kąt. We take the right turning at the crossroads in Długi Kąt and having passed 5 km we are in Józefów.

Day 5 - "Along the ways of partisan battles"

Józefów- Biłgoraj direction- Fryszarka-Błudek-Hamernia-Józefów;
The length of the route is 36 km, out of which 26 km of the road are covered with asphalt and 10 km are stone and slaggy road.

Day 5 - We set off in Biłgoraj direction. We cycle the main road and having passed 4.6km we turn left into Józefów Area cycle route in Roztocze.
There are 20km of cycling through fascinating nature of Forest Solska Natural Reserve ahead of us.
After 4 km of stone road and 1 km of slaggy road our route crosses the road which leads from Józefów to Łukowa. After another 3 km we reach the slaggy road Józefów- Fryszarka and take the right turning and having passed another 2 km we find ourselves on the bridge over the Sopot river in Fryszarka.
From that moment on we continue cycling on asphalt. On covering 7 km more we reach the road fork and turn left there and after another 5km we come to Błudek where our route meets with the road Józefów-Suśiec.
Błudek is the place of execution of the Polish National Army soldiers, so it's worth halting a while in order to honour them and learn more about the history of the place exposed on the information boards.
Then we set off in the direction of Hamernia. After 2 km we stop at the parking near the "Czartowe Pole" reserve which can't be missed.
A nature path which is 1 km long leads to the old river bed of the Sopot river which is characterized by a number of waterfalls, the tallest of which is 1.6m high. All of this is surrounded by the forest at the bottom of the valley. On our way we pass the ruins of the old paper mill built in 1729 and destroyed, as a result of the fire in 1883. The path is not available for cycling.
We return to our route and go through Hamernia to Józefów. We reach our destination after covering 8 km.

Day 6: „For brave ones only"

Józefów - Łuszczacz- Zielone - Krasnobród - Majdan Wielki - Suchowola - Adamów - Jacnia - Kaczórki - Bondyrz - Guciów - Obrócz - Józefów

The length of the route is 72 km, which consists of 67.4km of asphalt and 4.6 km of dirt road (forest)

Day 6: „For brave ones only We start cycling on the main road in the direction of Tomaszów Lubelski. After 15 km of going slightly uphill and downhill, we take a turning in the direction of the village Róża and ride 150 m uphill, then 1.2 km downhill and a very steep drive which leads to the village of Łuszczacz. Again we ride 500 m downhill and come to the road fork. The village Róża is on the left, but we keep on cycling straight on.
We come into the forest and ride 400 m on the asphalt and another 4.5 km on the dirtroad with a good surface. Cycling mostly downhill we reach a forester's house in Zielone, behind which is the road from Tomaszów Lubelski to Krasnobród. We turn to the left and, on covering 4 km, we come to Krasnobród and at the intersection near the church we take the turning to the right in the direction of Sumin. Having covered another 2 km we see the sign "Suchowola - 5 km" which shows us our right direction.
We cycle next 5 km of uphills and downhills within the magnificent Roztocze scenery.
We leave Suchowola and go 6 km more in the direction of Adamów. The first 5 km are rather flat while the last kilometer is a rather low uphill. We turn left on the crossroads and go 1.7 km downhill to the village of Jacnia. It's been the last challenge on our route.
We go through Jacnia and then turn to the right to Józefów. After 1.6 km we take the right turning on the intersection where the sign says "Zwierzyniec - 16 km"
We cycle for the next 10 km along the river bed of the Wieprz river surrounded by wooded hills. The route goes through Kaczórki, Bondyrz, Guciów and Obrocz.
Depending on our interests and feelings, we may visit a heritage park in Guciów where the time stopped 200 years ago.
We keep on cycling through the fir-pine-oak-beech forest which continues for another 20 km to Józefów.

In Obrocz we reach the intersection near the river Wieprz and go straight on, after another 2.5 km on the next intersection we turn to the left and having covered 14 km we reach our destination.

Day 7: "Active Rest"

You can choose between:

  • Sunbathing at the new lake in Żródlana street in Józefów                                                                                     The lake has the surface of 2 hectares and was built at the river basin of the Nepryszka river for recreational purposes. During vacations there is a lifeguard on duty. There is also a beautifully located camping site.
  • Riding in the quarries
    The quarries have been used for over 400 years as a source of sandstone and at present they are a very popular place with MTB lovers. There are plans for marking the routes and organizing competitions.
  • Fishing at the angling bay in Józefów
    Carp, tench, roach and pike are found in the lake. National fishing competitions such as "Roztocze Trout" or "Eko" take part here.
  • Hiking trips along the tourist routes - there are 8 trails which are 500 km long in total.
  • Picking up berries in the woods nearby
  • Sledging trips and a fire in winter
  • Sightseeing in Józefów:
The church of the Immaculate Conception of Saint Virgin Mary built in the 19th century;
The synagogue built in the 18th-19th centuries (presently functions as the Public Library)
The Jewish cemetery: before the World War II the Jews made up 70 % of the population of Józefów
The quarries

Information for tourists:

  • Culture palace in Józefów, Krótka st. 9,  tel. #(084)6879697
  • Town Council in Józefów, Kościuszki st., 37, tel. #(084)6878133,
    www.ejozefow.pl, e-mail : Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.